Reduce Your Inbox Mails, Start Filtering

Google has introduced a new method so that you can always keep away with huge inbox no. Everyone has got his email-id subscribed to different sites and they fill your inbox like anything. So to avoid all these, start filtering your mails by a recently added feature in Google mail.To do this, all you have to do is

  1. select a particular type of email that you want to filter out.

  1. Scroll down the more options in the top of your inbox
  2. Go for filtering.

Here are some other ideas for things you can do by importing and/or exporting your filters:

  • Download all your filters. If you’re using POP or IMAP to get backup copies of your mail messages, now you can include your filters too.
  • Share filters with other people. If you have a set of filters that is especially good at organizing particular kinds of mail that others also receive, you can now make those filters available to them.
  • Temporarily “disable” a set of filters by exporting them and then deleting them. To “re-enable” them, just re-import them from the file you exported.
  • If you’re comfortable editing XML, you can make new filters that are similar to existing filters. Export the old ones, edit the resulting XML file, and import it back again. For more information about modifying these XML files, see Gmail Labs user group for Filter import/export.