Gtalk Shortcuts

****This post will provide you the shortcut for the most popular IM, Google Talk. This will enhance your Geeky capabilities. All in all these all 18 shortcuts which I m going to provide you.

  1. For writing anything bold, just include that word into asterisks e.g.    *Go Hi-Tech* will become Go Hi-Tech
  2. For writing anything in italics, just include them in underscores e.g. _Go Hi-Tech_ will become Go Hi-Tech
  3. CTRL + Mousewheel up/down will change the font size in a conversation window.
  4. CTRL + 5 For 1.5 spaced lines

5) F9 Send an email to the contact you’re chatting with
6) CTRL + L: Left justify text
7)  F11- Start a call
8)  F12- Stop the call
9) ESC- Close the current window
10) For minimizing the current window press ALT + ESC.
11)  Some smileys are converted by Google Talk: , :-O, :-x, :-P, :-D, :-), , B-).
12) CTRL + 1 For single spaced lines
13) CTRL + 2 For double spaced lines
14) CTRL + E: Center text
15) CTRL + R: Right justify text
16) F11 Start a voice chat with the contact
17) ESC Close the current window
18) ALT + ESC Close all Google Talk windows