Top 10 Ways To Save Your Battery

Today in this post I will give you some tips on how to save the battery of your laptop. So without waisting much time, I start here :-

  • Decrease the Contrast
By decreasing the contrast, you can save much of your battery. Just choose that amount of contrast that soothes your eyes.

  • Switch-Off Wii-Fii and Bluetooth
Many laptops have the shortcut keys for turning off bluetooth and wiifii. These consume a considerable amount of energy.
  • Choose a Power Saver Plan
Almost all the laptops have a power saver plan. Switch to that power plan by clicking to the battery.
  • Don’t Play Any MultiMedia Thing

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Multimedia activities drain laptop batteries. So avoid them when you want to save your battery.
  • Decrease Volume
Decrease the speaker volume and if possible ,mute them.
  • Remove All The External Drives
Remove all the external drives that are connected to your laptop, let it be mouse or something else.
  • Remove Battery While Plugged In
If your battery is completely charged, remove your battery while charging. This will ensure a long battery life too.
  • Use Hibernate Mode
Avoid Shut down and switch to Hibernate if you have to turn it on again and again. Restarting consumes more battery.
  • Switch Off All Schedule Tasks
  • Turn-Off autosave in Word Documnts or Other Applications