Best Firefox Add-On

Firefox is undoubtedly the best browser and to make it more user friendly, developers all around the world continue to add value to Firefox. Just a couple of days back I came across two add-ons that I would like to share with you all. Here they are:

  • Text to Speech

This is a very great tool to convert text to speech. The best thing about this is it is too simple to use. I have also written one post on converting the text to audio. Here is that post. But this one is different, one just have to select the text that one wishes to convert to audio, and then just click the button. You will hear about the audio and even have the option to download it in .mp3 format. It is developed by an Indian Vikram Joshi.

text to speech

Another amazing feature of this add-on is its vulnerability to read text in many languages. Below is the screenshot showing the options :

text to voice preferences  But the thing which I don’t like is that it can’t be used offline. But I’m sure that the developers are working on it and soon we can convert the text to audio offline also. But this is not the thing that will stop you from downloading this add-on. Here is the link to download Text To Speech.

  • Fission

Another great add-on that I came across is Fission. This add-on makes your browser Safari style and makes it more stylish. This will show the loading of the page in the address bar and change the cosmetics of your browser. Beautiful, compact and stylish are the words that are best used to describe the add-on.

fission addon

But this add-on has a bug. It is not compatible with all the themes. Therefore, one has to check the compatibility before using. Here is the link to download the Fission.