Free GPS Navigation – Waze


Do you always curse yourself for choosing the wrong route and repent not choosing the one towards the left, now here’s something that can change your life for ever, Waze.


waze in India

Waze is a real time, social Smartphone GPS application that connects you with other users of the app. The application collects information from your device’s GPS and uses it to draw maps. The best part, its a social app in which alerts you of the incoming traffic jams and cautions recorded by fellow Wazers.
Waze is empowered by the drivers using Waze. Since the information is driven by people driving around with Waze on their phones, the information is accurate and timed. Errors in the map are can also be reported on the app and those errors are then uploaded online for users around to check.

waze on mobile


What we liked:

  • Real time traffic updates
  • Accuracy, since the alerts are released by actual drivers.
  • In case of traffic congestion, we can alert "moderate", "heavy" and "standstill" traffic condition and decide to change the route or not.
  • Live maps on laptop
  • Automated traffic analyzer by calculating speed.