Angle Meter – Measure Inclination With Your Phone!

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Originally Nokia introduced accelerometer in their phones to perform basic tricks like changing the phone’s orientation on tilting, a better screen view when using the camera or a basic motion games. But now, there are numerous application being written to push to test this technology at its best. The first few apps included those with a glass of coke that spilled when you tilted your phone.

Here’s an amazing touch app that uses your phone’s inbuilt sensor to measure the inclination with a reference line. This pedometer or spirit level app measures those angles well. The Angle Meter app consists of a small semi circle, calibrated in degrees with a small thin line that moves with your phone and measures the tilt angle quite exactly. Just move your phone, pick a reference line and start measuring angles.


What we liked:

  • We found Angle Meter quite exact, that little line moved exactly when we expected it to.
  • The small reset button. that recalibrates the angle to zero when pressed, quite helpful in case you wish to measure differences in different angles.

The application can be downloaded from here.