Filmotech – A Free Tool To Manage Your Movie Collection

Filmotech is movie management or catalogue software for all your movie formats.This easy to use software is power packed with lots of interesting features.The software lets you search the movie by a simple search over the Internet and hack all the movie data with utmost ease.



  • Seamlessly uses Internet to find the sought information
  • Dynamic Web publishing (PHP/MySQL) and web editor.
  • Cover Designing and printing in all formats.
  • Printing catalogues and lists.
  • Borrower Management
  • Local database or MySQL integration.
  • Import/Export in XML/CSV/XBMC.
  • Multibase Profiles Management.
  • Export for iOS version : Filmotech for iPhone/iPod Touch and Filmotech HD for iPad.
  • Works on Mac and PC (database compatibility).


Few another core features of the product.

1. Statistics – You can access all kinds of movie statistics, for instance about the average runtime, the popular genres or ratings.

2. Cover Printer – You can create and print custom covers for all movies in your database.

3. Publish – It enables you to post your movie collection over the internet.
You can get Filmotech from here.