Sync Your IPod Without a USB Cable

One of the best ways today to pass time when you are bored is listen to your favourite songs on your IPod. Its just too easy, just connect it to your computer with the USB cable, put in your favourite songs and you are ready to go. But what if your cable gets damaged or lost, you’ll probably walk into your neighbour’s home to get one, but what if they don’t have it. You are doomed, you are gone. But no, since you are here, with this article I will teach you of a way by which you can Sync your IPod without that USB cable.
First of all, let me explain to you that the method you us to Sync your IPod using the USB cable is called wired syncing.We will here use the “wireless method“ or over the WiFi syncing to sync your IPod.
Just make sure your IPod is fully charged and you have Cydia installed on your IPod.

Now, launch Cydia, and tap Manage button, you can see it at the bottom of the application interface.
Tap Edit and then ADD.
Enter the URL and tap Add Source
Find the on the source and tap it.
Locate Wi-Fi Sync, from the list of applications you now see and install the application.
Open on your computer.
Download the appropriate application for your machine.

Install the application. Follow the wizard and then you restart your computer.
Find the icon of the Wi-Fi sync in your computer and make it sure it is enabled.
Now, get back to your IPod and turn on the Wi-Fi. Open iTunes, and if you can see your device, then the Sync is a success.
Enjoy faster rates by placing your IPod nearer to your computer.