Find People on Google+ Easily

imageHere we are, with a website that lets you search for Google+ users with ease. FindPeopleOnPlus is kind of an online directory where you can find people profiles on Google+. Additionally all the profiles are sorted on the basis of a number of parameters that will help you make your search easier.

FindPeopleOnPlusAlong with the basic keyword search, the website offers numerous filters and parameters to sort your search results. After you authorize your Google account, it first shows all the people who are near you or are related to you in some way, just the facebook friend suggestions. The left side of your browser screen offers you to filter the results based on different parameters like relationship status, gender, looking for, employer, country etc.

The site is great, you can get profile of the user you were looking for and go ahead to follow him/her at the same time. The site also features a users PlusClout score to help you better understand the profile.

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