Give your Google+ a plus and Merge your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts.

Merged logosNow that most you have made an appearance on the hot network of Google+, the young and charming hero with an amazing user growth. While the people behind are trying to rollout specific services, to cut out each others and increase their user base, there are many developing tools to integrate all of them so that you get the best of all worlds and here we are with something like that. G++, which is a browser extension, available for Chrome and Firefox, seamlessly streams your facebook and twitter feed with your Google+  feed. It also helps you update your status (or tweet, or feed) with all three at the same time.

We understand you have spent months and years building your facebook profile, adding friends, content and it might feel a bit painful to switch over to Google+ and start it over again. Also updating multiple networks at the same time is tiresome. But with G++, the choice just vanishes.

To get started, visit the Google++ site here.

Chrome Users

G  _1

Just follow the simple steps, click on the link and add the extension to your browser.

G  _2


Approve all the warnings that come in between to ensure the installation.

G  _3

After complete installation, just reload your Google+ profile, and the extension will add facebook and twitter streams right there.
G _after


The installation instructions for firefox users are similar and simple.
You need to visit the Gplusplus
website with your firefox browser and click the link that appears.
G  _FireFox_1

Allow firefox to install this add-on on your machine.
G  _FireFox_2
G  _FireFox_3After the add-on has been successfully installed, allow firefox to restart.

Now, you reload your Google+ profile and admire the changes.
G  _FireFox_before 

G  _FireFox_after
Enjoy !