How to Create Custom Facebook Pages

imageFacebook pages is one of the most powerful places where you can effectively advertise your product, brand, business or cause. But creating modern pages can be quite difficult. CoolMojito helps you create Facebook page for your audience literally without knowing any coding.

To begin with, choose one of the many templates provided by CoolMojito and start creating your page. The templates available can also be customize by changing their colors and text styles as per your need. You can add various elements like images, buttons, text, videos with a single click. CoolMojito also offers you to add custom HTML, YouTube Videos, Google Maps and many other items to your Facebook page. You will be amazed by how simply you can sell your products right there using the fully functional e-commerce functionality.

As a bonus feature, along with the “Coding Free” designing, the website offers you traffic analysis with Google Analytics giving you full information about who is visiting your page and when.You can then effectively run social media campaigns targeting your audience and time.

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