Now Filter Your Facebook and Twitter Posts With SubJot

SubJotYou cannot deny the fact that today all of your social networking feeds are full, it might not be wrong to say that they are being quite overfull, and the result, you miss many of your important news items and those you might be interested in. But to unfriend or unfollow is not the correct solution. So here is a solution, SubJot.

SubJot helps you sort your twitter and facebook feed according to your needs and accordingly serves you with only the stuff that you need.
To begin with, sign up for the service and then authorize your twitter and facebook accounts.


Once you have successfully set up your account, now every time you login to your SubJot account, you will now see the posts of your interests.You can comment on those posts, follow a specific user, view their profile, jot down your own thoughts and tag them with a particular subject. You can also choose to receive email notifications.


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