Plan and Divide Work Among Friends With ToDoFeed

It is always wide to divide the work equally among all participants while you do a job or plan a leisure. Wouldn’t it be fairly easy if everyone gets to plan and choose what he/she does and like wise divide responsibilities and tell everyone at the same time. Here’s when ToDoFeed can be helpful.


For example, when you wish to plan an event, you need divide and assign the tasks of publicity, design, content, management, permissions etc. with all your friends/members or when you are to plan a weekend trip then you have loads of work to be divided among. With ToDoFeed, you can join in with your friends in your planning. All you need to do is signup for an account, create a task and add duties. You can connect and invite your friends via email or Facebook and let them do their part.

After your friends accepts your invite to join your task, he/she can himself choose what they want to do or you can assign them something on your own. At the same time, everyone else participating gets to see what others are doing.

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