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If you share files often with your network and were searching for alternatives with lesser spam and easier interface, then is probably one of the best methods available today.
It gives you drag and drop interface to share files. Since you need to register before you can share any file, it gives certain assurance of lesser spam.
With the motto, “share simply”, the site indeed gives you the option to simply share your documents, photos and videos in seconds.

Getting Started
To get started, you need to setup a user account on the website

Just choose a username and enter your email to start sharing.?
After Sign Up, share your first file, just drag and drop!


And believe, it all happens in seconds.Minus_uploading
The file once uploaded, gives you the link for sharing.
Minus_StatusFor image sharing, it gives gallery link, image link, forum code, HTML code, direct link and thumbnail link, while for video sharing it gives embed code, URL of video and download option.
However, it doesn’t works with files more than 10MB in size.–Official Tutorial