The Rejuvenated AceProject

We had posted an article on the AceProject earlier. Now AceProject has come up with a new version with a new interface and added features. The new features have enormously added to the already good services of AceProject. It has made the work of project managers very easy. Some of the new features are :-


  • Multi-project tabs that let you open as many projects as you want.
  • A global search box that lets you search among all tasks you are allowed to see.
  • A search box at the project level that lets you search tasks within a specific project.
  • A side bar in edit forms.
  • Sections in edit forms and search filters can be shown/hidden in accordance with your needs.
  • “Remember filters” option in task lists and easier-to-find actions.
  • Enhanced overall speed and more functional screens.
  • And much more…

Ace ProjectAce Project Screenshot

Ace Project Interface



The AceProject team has done an excellent job to develop the new version, which makes the work of project managers a lot easier and more efficient. It also provides a proficient way to manage documents and tasks. But the biggest advantage of using this software is that it greatly reduces costs and expenses in the project as every step can be carefully planned and executed due to the added features and the timesheet function.

Apart from these, their mobile version is one of its kind because of its awesome performance and multi-browser compatibility. You can also try free project management for the demo version.

Overall, the new features have added to the value of an already good package and are getting great reviews from the customers.