The Usenet – The Alternative to WWW

image According to Wikipedia, “Usenet is a worldwide distributed Internet discussion system”. In today’s world when the internet is no more a reliable source of information and no options to validate the authenticity of the information provided, UseNet or User Networks tend to be an efficient method to share and discuss about the information you really care about. The Usenet is a worldwide exchange network where you can discuss your part of information and share media with people of common interests. However, an Internet connection is required to access the UseNet.

With time, UseNet has become very easy to use since there are plenty of providers available with excellent services trying to secure the custom of users by offering simple and convenient access. There are numerous web services and software(s), which simplifies the task of searching and downloading files from UseNet. Here with this post we will talk about a few of them.


image Probably the largest, oldest and best UseNet provider, UseNeXT is a free software available in 9 languages. UseNeXT with its international placement has 8 server farms worldwide. It provides a 24hr telephone and Internet support and is encrypted with 256bit SSL encryption.


image Binverse is a new but a very popular English UseNet provider. The service is available worldwide, however it only supports a 24hr telephone support in the United States. It features Unlimited Download Speed, Unlimited Download Volumes and 910 day binary retention. Binverse comes with a free newsreader software

image This Dutch looking service is among the best UseNet providers available in the market. The software is available in 3 languages German, French and English. It features upto100 MBit/s download, 600days retention time, SSL encryption and a 24hr support.


You can have a look at this provider comparison to choose the right provider for you.