Verbling: Learn New Languages From Their Native Speakers

imageFor those you who ever tried to learn a new foreign language might probably know how difficult it is to get your hands clear on that. But  how about getting that from a native speaker, someone who is fluent in that and that too for free.


Verbling is a a free to use web service that connects you to someone that might help you. This is how it works, you need to sign up for the service and add the languages that you speak natively and the ones that you wish to learn. After you have done this much, just sit back wait for the bell to ring, indicating that someone of your interest came up. The site now connects you with the another user trying to learn your native language, speaking the one you wish to learn. And now, you two can go ahead and chat. However it defines 5 minutes of speaking time for each of you but you can manage that on your own.

You can learn pronunciations, expressions, words and other pieces of the new language.

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