Looks like we are on WordPress now!

For the past many days I’ve been busy working around with layout of the blog. Some of you must have got that layout is changed tremendously, well that’s true. We have now moved Chill Geeks to a self hosted WordPress blog. After a lot of experimentation with Blogger’s XML layout systems, now I am going to try my hands on a php & MySQL wordpress content managment system. Well if you don’t know what is wordpress here is a brief-

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system, which is extensively used in Blogging. It is free and open source publishing platform, with a system for themes, plugins, etc.

Why we moved to WordPress?

Blogging using wordpress provides better control over flexibility, the way you want to share your ideas, plus it is easy to use. But, in the end.., We wanted to try something new.., So here we are.. Now on WordPress blog hosted on HostGator Server.

Apart from this, we were also working on a complete makeover of our Facebook fan page as well, you can check out the new design at https://facebook.com/chillgeeks and you can comment about our work.