Skip youtube videos by 30% without any plugin

On an average, the first 30% of most YouTube videos are a waste of time. For a 6minute video that amounts to 2minutes of your precious and bandwidth. There might be different plugins available to help you with this, but here we are today, unveiling an extremely useful bookmarklet that will help you with this.

This simple tool pushes Youtube videos by 30% of their duration. And for this, you don’t even have to download any third party software or script in your browser. All you have to do is click on the simple bookmark from your bookmark. The bookmarklet is called Wadsworth Constant Bookmarklet.


With this With Wadsworth Constant Bookmarklet, you can open any YouTube video and let go of the first 30% of the video, which is usually not important. All you need to do is append “&wadsworth=1” to the video URL and the magic begins.

For your comfort, we found this petty amazing bookmarklet, that we just discussed which automatically adds “&wadsworth=1” at the end of the video link.

Just drag this link to your bookmarks tab and you are done.