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clip_image003Internet is fast spreading even in the remotest of areas. Whether it is getting information, downloading videos music or files, it can do it all. But have you ever been in a situation when you wished to send your friend or a colleague a file via email which was somewhat over the email attachment limit (usually around 20MB) and found it difficult to proceed. We have something here with us that will help you solve all your problems, General-Files is one of the finest web services offering file sharing features. Its huge database of songs, movies, presentations and numerous other free files will surely help your way. The fast and simple to use File Sharing Search enables you to index and upload files up to 4GB. You can all types of personal files with a large number of formats supported for indexing and storage. The database is fully customizable and you can quickly remove unused or duplicate files to give it a clean user interface.

The efficient and powerful search engine helps you locate and download your file even if you forget the download URL unlike many other popular file storing websites. You can not only upload files from your hard drive but can also download millions of user upload(s) every day. You can download free video(s), mp3(s), software(s), files and other documents. The power search filters helps you get the desired file precisely and quickly. You can view the top downloads and the recently added files right on the front page of the website.

With General-Files you will never have to face a broken or misleading download link as the database is cleaned regularly to give you the best of services. Users are also allowed to mark a file as misleading or broken by flagging them as “Bad Files”

You may also like to utilize the large user base of the website to advertise your products by uploading a demo version of your file and making other users crave for more. The friendly search engine will help you spread your product with millions every day.
You can also subscribe for specific alerts. Suppose you are looking for a particular file which is not available at the moment, then you and subscribe for email alerts for that particular keyword. The automated system will inform you when your desired file is available for download and you can then download the same at your wish.

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