Fraud Protection with Telesign

Telesign has been a godsend ever since I began using its proprietary fraud protection services for my online gaming website. I have always had a problem with people performing bulk registrations, playing themselves and winning more money than they were supposed to. I could tell by their IP addresses and by the winning patterns of certain players that they were cheating, but there was nothing I could do about it. At least, there was nothing I could do about it until I heard about the fraud prevention services of Telesign. You can read about the phone verification faq here. There was no way that I could’ve stopped everyone from trying to register in a fraud like way on my gaming website. I would have had to shut down the entire operation and redo the entire registration portion of my website. That would’ve been much too expensive for me to handle, and I would’ve gone out of business. If it wasn’t for the special fraud prevention services of Telesign, I really do not know if my gaming company would be in business today. On top of providing a great service, the company itself has wonderful customer service that will guide you through any process that you have a problem with. You will never have to worry about being left high and dry worrying about how to implement your new technology – Telesign really takes care of everything, leaving you to what you do best.