Why you should learn Javascript?

I am a strong web enthusiast that lead me into learning Javascript. But after learning this scripting language, I must say everyone who uses a computer must learn this language and there are many reasons for this, few of them I am going to list over here.

  • It is the easiest Object Oriented Programming language.
  • It is very flexible in syntax, unlike Java it is not a strictly typed language.
  • It is a cross platform language which can be run on mobile devices as well as laptops.
  • You don’t need anything to install, test, run and debug your JavaScript programs except a web browser.
  • Stackoverflow has highest number of questions tagged as Javascript. So, you will be getting best support from the web while learning this language.
  • With introduction of node.js Javascript, which often used to be a client side scripting language, it can now be used for server side programming as well.

For any Computer Science student or anyone looking a career in computing, it is essential to know the future of internet, and as predicted by many big companies internet cloud computing will be taking over conventional computing. This will drastically increase the use of JavaScript and HTML for front end web development. With the evolving standards like HTML5 and CSS3 Javascript looks even more beautiful with lesser amount of coding.

While starting this post, I mentioned that Javascript should be learned by anyone who is using computer and that’s because it can do task of 10 to 15 minutes in few seconds and it can do task of hours in few minutes. Some of  these tasks which can be done by using Javascript includes-

  • Text Handling
    • Finding and replacing particular text with various logical conditions.
    • Printing some thing repeatedly.
    • Printing something randomly.
  • Number Handling
    • You can almost do any mathematical calculation with logical constraints.
    • You can print random numbers for a game or something like that.

There is lot more to this, Javascript learning is pure fun. You can just open you web browser and start practicing it. I use chrome for most of my web browsing, you can use Ctrl + Shift + J to open Javascript console in Google Chrome. To start with, you can type in following command to print “Hello World!”

[code language=”Javascript”]

console.log(“Hello World!");


Hello World

The above code will print “Hello World!” in Javascript console. Similarly if you want to print this code into Document body. Write it like this-

[code language=”Javascript”]

document.write(“Hello World!");


I have learnt Javascript using a website, Code Academy, its fun and interactive, if you want you may checkout.