How mobile Apps are Changing the Traditional Politics

The largest democracy in the world will see the general elections in 2014 and Mobile Apps , just like other multi media technologies are proving to be a game changer. In the recently held elections in 5 states of India where the number of voters were more than the entire population of some countries of the world, the parties that used social media had an edge over the others. There are two ways in which mobile apps can be put to use in the elections. First is by the political parties, to woo the voters and to make them aware of the schemes or manifestos, Second is by the third parties, like NEWS companies to analyse, aware and to communicate.  Not only in India, the role of Mobile apps has been seen in the 2008 US elections and the recently held Japanese elections too.

Focusing on India, AAP’s mobile app connects very much with the public and contains latest blogs from their leaders, opinion polls, twitter and Facebook connectivity, videos and much more. It also has a donate feature which will help them to raise the money.  Similarly, BJP’s mobile app tells you about the BJP and provides important information for voters. Presently focused on Delhi, just like AAP’s app, these apps will have to be changed for the upcoming general elections.

Just like the role of social media can’t be ignored in the upcoming elections, Mobile apps too are gaining popularity. However, there is a huge scope for developers. There aren’t many mobile apps in the market for the upcoming elections in the India and considering the number of mobile phone users, the market is huge. This time , it will be different. If put to use correctly, the apps can provide a direct connect between voters and the politicians. India should learn from the social and digital campaign of Obama. The mobile apps developers need to tap this talent and fill this gap and engage more and more people through their mobile apps. While the apps are very few today, it will be interesting to see how things go by the time we come towards 2014 elections.