A brief guide to purchasing digital cameras

A brief guide to purchasing digital cameras

digital camera prices in IndiaOwning a decent digital camera is the current craze all over the world. Surprising but true as most of the smartphones available today are fitted with powerful camera specifications which are popularly used for clicking images all the time.  But a new trend of users interested in digital cameras is rapidly emerging across the world. The reason being they would like to try their hand at professional photography or at least shift from amateur photography to a slightly better photography with a professional touch. . Also with the increase in the interest of photography the digital camera prices in India have plummeted to a reasonable level.

Entry Level DSLRs

Models :  Nikon D5200, Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Nikon D5100, Nikond D3300, Pentax K-50

Ideal for them would be to begin with entry level DSLRs with interchangeable lens with decent speed and image quality. Further, these cameras can be used either at manual mode or automatic mode as per the user’s preference.  Ideally, these cameras are fit for shooting family members at various occasions including children and pets in action

Prosumers DSLR

Models : Sony Alpha 1LCE-7R, Sony Alpha 600, Fujifilm X-T1, Olympus OM-D E-M1

Moving on to the next level, you will find quality cameras with interchangeable lenses that promise a better performance than P&S cameras and even entry level DSLRs.  Ideal for those pursuing photography and video shooting as a hoppy but would like to experiment with length and light. Most of these models are compact in size and offer manual as well as semi-automatic modes of use.  Image quality is indeed to the next level while ideal for creative videos and for those who wish to venture into entry level commercial photography.


Models: Canon EOS 5F Mark II, Nikon D300S, Nikon D4, Sony Alpha SLT-A99

The Pro dSLR range of cameras is one step above the prosumer range of cameras. These cameras are equipped with full-frame or APS-C sensor with interchangeable lenses, optical viewfinder with manual operation only. Pro dSLR range of cameras is ideal for photographers who wish to lay their hands on reliable and consistently performing cameras which can effectively capture action oriented images – birds in flight, sports actions and many more.

As you check, compare and browse the available range of phones for various photography related specifications, some new offerings which could be of use to are –

GPS – Of course, it would be of great use to know the exact location of the captured image and this is possible through the in-built GPS receiver.  Some mid-range dSLR cameras are equipped with this feature so do keep on a look out for them, if you wish to use it for your images. Through the GPS, you can tag photos with other important details such as time, date, landmark information and much more. But on the negative point, using GPS causes a drain on your battery power so be prepared for it.

Wi-Fi – With enhanced internet connectivity across the globe and transfer of images and videos directly on the cloud storage or networked PCs or mobile devices, accessing them does become easy and greatly convenient. At the same time, you can upload them on photo sharing sites at a faster rate rather than transferring images on a PC and then upload them. Saves a great deal of time …. Right?

Photography is an interesting hobby to pursue and if you are serious about it, there are many digital cameras you can begin with and upgrade to. But before you purchase them make sure you compare digital camera prices in India and click the best deal – money wise and feature wise too!!