A brief guide to purchasing digital cameras

A brief guide to purchasing digital cameras

Owning a decent digital camera is the current craze all over the world. Surprising but true as most of the smartphones available today are fitted with powerful camera specifications which are popularly used for clicking images all the time. But a new trend of users interested in digital cameras is rapidly emerging across the world. The reason being they would like to try their hand at professional photography or at least shift from amateur photography to a slightly better photography with a professional touch.

The Future of Web Design in 2014

The past one year or so has seen a lot of changes in the web designs, social media and mobile apps. While Social Media and Mobile apps comparatively younger than the web designs, they are the drivers of the change. In this article, we will explore some of the design changes that we will shape 2014. Mobile Centric Approach With the Gartner’s prediction that more than 1.9 billion Mobile Devices will be shipped in 2014, the mobile optimized websites are the only way forward.

15 Things to Look For When Buying a Tablet

A literal barrage of new model tablets has hit the market and more are coming. This overwhelming array of options doesn’t exactly help the average buyer to make the right choice. Tablets are for those who want something more than just a smart phone for their tasks, but don’t want to lug a laptop around. We’ll help you look for all the right things in a tablet to make your decision process a bit easier.

Track Your Spendings and Save More With GrndCtrl

There are times when you calculate how long it would take you to buy a certain desire or go for a holiday, but going undertaking all your expenses, savings and earnings manually can be a tedious job. So here we are with a solution that will help you solve your problems by doing all the math for you. Grndctrl is a free to use web application that undertakes all your expenses and earnings and lets you add your rewards to your wish lists.

Best Places to Buy Books Online in India

Online shopping is expected to cross its business for more than 7,000 crore rupees by the year 2015. We all have seen the rise of numerous Online Mega Malls serving anything to every thing at real competitive prices. The ease of filling your shopping choosing from a variety of brands and ranges right from the comfort of your home is the best part of it. So here we are, with this small list of Online Book Stores that cater Indian buyers.

Gadgets, Gadgets, Walyou

If you are gadget geek, this website might interest you. Walyou is just about gadgets, latest gadgets, proposed designs, upcoming gadgets, market blunders and market leaders. Each post consist of a wide range of photographs that virtually gives you a hand on experience of the website. <span class="fullpost"></p> The website contains latest tech articles written by experienced writers to give you a virtual experience of the gadget while you read.

Trade Stocks From Your Mobile

Be it day trading or long term investments, you would never like to miss those sharp peaks in the day to day Sensex analysis. here we bring to you a list of mobile software that will lighten your burdens, manage your portfolios and give you updates quotes and prices throughout the day. After reading this article, you’ll be able to know how you can trade and manage your stocks and portfolios on your mobile.

Best Mobile Phones of Indian Market

Here’s a mobile phone guide that will help you choose the best of mobile phones available in the market as of today. Be your primary aim be social networking, chatting or business. We bring reviews for phones that suit you the best. Nokia C3  This QWERTY phone from Nokia is well designed for SMS and IM users. The keys are slightly raised in bumps that makes it easier to type and navigate between the selection key.

Speccy- Know Your System Well

Last week, I have purchased a new Laptop with a best buy coupon and the 20 percent discount I received allowed me to buy different types of software, more memory, and a bigger hard drive so that my new laptop could perform at its best, but I was quite unsure about its configuration and thus I was in need of an All-in-one Software desperately which lists out a summary of my hardware along with its Statistics.

Download Fonts……Free!!!

DaFont will give you every kind of font required by you and that too absolutely free.8852 fonts of which 2396 with accents 1639 with the Euro symbols. Enormous amount of fonts needed by you for the purpose of presentations etc. can be found here easily.Even the fonts of various movies like Harry Potter,Batman,Matrix can be found here.