Share Any File Online Easily With

If you share files often with your network and were searching for alternatives with lesser spam and easier interface, then is probably one of the best methods available today. It gives you drag and drop interface to share files. Since you need to register before you can share any file, it gives certain assurance of lesser spam. With the motto, “share simply”, the site indeed gives you the option to simply share your documents, photos and videos in seconds.

Create Your Resume Online for Free with ResumeBaking

Making a Resume can be hell of a job. There are hundreds of templates available online but choosing the right one for you is a very difficult job. Here’s a solution, ResumeBaking, an online service that lets you create your Resume Online for free and that too in minutes. The website offers most of its features in the free mode while you may have to pay a little for some professional templates and few other features.

New Hiring Software Lets Job-Seekers Know Their Worth and Where They Stand

<g:plusone size="medium"></g:plusone> One of the enormous undertakings of finding employment apart from the actual job-searching itself is the refining of the resume for every submitted application. Every submission can be a half-hour process of editing and composing a cover letter. In return, the average applicant these days is promised nothing in return but the assurance that their resume has been sent into a supercomputer packed with countless others. It’s plenty of effort for little reward, which can easily lead to discouragement and decreased motivation.

Filmotech – A Free Tool To Manage Your Movie Collection

Filmotech is movie management or catalogue software for all your movie formats.This easy to use software is power packed with lots of interesting features.The software lets you search the movie by a simple search over the Internet and hack all the movie data with utmost ease.   Features: Seamlessly uses Internet to find the sought information Dynamic Web publishing (PHP/MySQL) and web editor.

The Best Of Online Study Groups –

OpenStudy has the clear potential to be an ideal study group for students, parents and teachers when used to the fullest. A successful online classroom must be a blend of proper material and interaction which keeps you motivated to achieve results. OpenStudy has the right mix of this all where you can learn and succeed. It posses a collection of study groups based on topic such as those in MIT’s Open Courseware.

Save Any Online File Easily On DropBox

<g:plusone size="medium"></g:plusone> Most of you might already know about Dropbox, the online file web hosting service that lets you save your files on the cloud so that you can access them anytime anywhere.The service is very easy to use extremely helpful in case you need all your files with you all the times. There might have been times when you tried to save an online file on Dropbox but the slow internet speed had got your wrath.

Convert Your Documents, One Format To Other, From JPEG to PDF or PDF to JPEG, WORD to PDF or PDF to WORD

File conversion is a day to day need today. Something that works on your machine might not be compatible with that with your boss. Hence, with this article we try to bring some of the major file conversion methods that shall help you with your stuff. There are probably two ways, Off-line and On-line. While both the paths are filled with numerous applications to do your job, we have gathered some of the very best.

Download Chrome Plugins

Well we all know simple and efficient Chrome browser is and that’s how in a short span of time, it has come at par with Mozilla Firefox. But that’s not all that makes this browser the best among all but it’s the extensions, add-ons, themes and much more that makes the Google Chrome browser more individual and efficient. In this post, we will describe about a website that provides honest, concise and free reviews of plug-ins.

Downloads in Tabs – Add On For Firefox

We all know, firefox is a memory hogger, takes up a lot of system memory every time you use it. Here’s a simple add on that might help you a little. This little add on open the “Downloads” in the form of a tab whenever you start with a download. <span class="fullpost"></p> The firefox “Downloads” pop up certainly lacked chrome’s ease, but this little add on will make your  downloads easier and simpler.

NetWorx – Free Bandwidth Monitoring and Usage Reporting

NetWorx is a very simple and powerful tool that keeps an eye on all your network connections in live time. The software enables you to check your network speed, your internet traffic details and much more. <span class="fullpost"></p> It has very exciting feature with which you can add custom alerts that notifies you with visuals and popping sounds whenever there’s an unusual activity which might be due to unauthorized usage on your network, due to malicious software like Trojans or when you exceed your bandwidth limit.