Add a countdown to your page using jQuery Responsive Countdown

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Table of Contents Brief Description Step 1 (Download, Unzip) Step 2 (Set options) Step 3 (Import required files) Step 4 (Create HTML container) Step 5 (Create and activate countdown) Resources Brief Description – top jQuery Responsive Countdown is a tool that gives you the ability to create a nice looking countdown, which uses flipping animation to display remaining time to a target date.

Why you should learn Javascript?

I am a strong web enthusiast that lead me into learning Javascript. But after learning this scripting language, I must say everyone who uses a computer must learn this language and there are many reasons for this, few of them I am going to list over here. It is the easiest Object Oriented Programming language. It is very flexible in syntax, unlike Java it is not a strictly typed language.

Develop iOS, Android and Windows applications using HTML – Part 2

This post is in the continuation of my previous post . In this post, I will tell you about : How to deploy HTML code to build iOS , Android and Windows application. How to retrive the value of the data from the form that we created in my previous post. The submit button that we created in our previous does nothing. In this, we will add some functionality to it.

Develop iOS, Android and Windows applications using HTML – Part 1

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of HTML , CSS and jQuery Mobile  This is the part one of the series, You can directly to second part from Develop iOS, Android and Windows applications using HTML – Part 2  There are different ways to develop mobile applications. One is to develop the applications using the Native Software Development Tools ( like developing Android applications using Eclipse in JAVA, or developing iOS application using XCode in Objective C) and the other one is to develop cross platform (i.