Study Smart (not hard)!

ARE U going to school or college?  there is no alternative to hard work…(well, there just might be one – it IS the age of the TECH-BOOM baby!).

So here is a piece of the Internet that actually helps you solve math problems. No its not a calculator and you don’t even need to know the formulae. All you need to solve a problem is the “Problem Statement”. Too good to be true? Lets have a look:

Head on over to Mathway . Enter your problem, select the subject and then just hit solve. Not only will you get the solution to the problem but also the steps that were taken to reach the solution. Cool ha? Take that Mr Maths Teacher!

Lets try and solve (tan(x) – sin(x)) / (sec2(x) – 1 ) .  Here is a example



The site also offers a number of solved examples ranging from calculating the area of the circle to calculating Eigen vectors, to evaluating integrals to Infinite series. You can click on a solved example and get a sample step by step solution for that type of problem with the option to get more detailed explanations of any step.

Mathway also offers the option of plotting graphs of functions ranging from polynomials to trigonometric functions to inequalities and a number of other ones.