Verbling: Learn New Languages From Their Native Speakers

For those you who ever tried to learn a new foreign language might probably know how difficult it is to get your hands clear on that. But how about getting that from a native speaker, someone who is fluent in that and that too for free. Verbling is a a free to use web service that connects you to someone that might help you. This is how it works, you need to sign up for the service and add the languages that you speak natively and the ones that you wish to learn.

Create a Beautiful CV From Your LinkedIn Profile

You all might have your personal LinkedIn profiles and you probably know that is a highly useful network for professionals, But one thing it certainly lacks, a visual appeal. Here is a free to use web service that lets you do create a beautiful resume out of your LinkedIn profile. The website automatically imports most of the information from your LinkedIn profile, after you authorize your account. All you need to do is authorize some permissions for the website to import your experience, name, jobs, etc.

Create Your Resume Online for Free with ResumeBaking

Making a Resume can be hell of a job. There are hundreds of templates available online but choosing the right one for you is a very difficult job. Here’s a solution, ResumeBaking, an online service that lets you create your Resume Online for free and that too in minutes. The website offers most of its features in the free mode while you may have to pay a little for some professional templates and few other features.

Best Places to Buy Books Online in India

Online shopping is expected to cross its business for more than 7,000 crore rupees by the year 2015. We all have seen the rise of numerous Online Mega Malls serving anything to every thing at real competitive prices. The ease of filling your shopping choosing from a variety of brands and ranges right from the comfort of your home is the best part of it. So here we are, with this small list of Online Book Stores that cater Indian buyers.

Share Electronic Circuits Online with Circuit Bee

You might have sometime tried to share the electronic circuit that you just designed with your friend. There are many options, you can send him a JPG or PDF copy of the document but don’t you agree that they lack interactivity. That means if your friend wants to suggest you some corrections, he would have to redraw, correct and then rescan to send the correction to you. If this was a menace, try CircuitBee which is free to use web service that enables you to upload your diagram and then gives you a code that you can use anywhere on the web.

New Hiring Software Lets Job-Seekers Know Their Worth and Where They Stand

<g:plusone size="medium"></g:plusone> One of the enormous undertakings of finding employment apart from the actual job-searching itself is the refining of the resume for every submitted application. Every submission can be a half-hour process of editing and composing a cover letter. In return, the average applicant these days is promised nothing in return but the assurance that their resume has been sent into a supercomputer packed with countless others. It’s plenty of effort for little reward, which can easily lead to discouragement and decreased motivation.

The Best Of Online Study Groups –

OpenStudy has the clear potential to be an ideal study group for students, parents and teachers when used to the fullest. A successful online classroom must be a blend of proper material and interaction which keeps you motivated to achieve results. OpenStudy has the right mix of this all where you can learn and succeed. It posses a collection of study groups based on topic such as those in MIT’s Open Courseware.

Make Stats interesting, present like Hans Rosling

Stats were always boring during a presentation but have you ever heard or watched Hans Rosling, the Swedish statistician and co-founder of the Gapminder which developed the software Trendalyzer (about which we will talk later in this post). I advice you first watch this video to have an impression on how he talks and what makes him different as a speaker. Now let us discuss why is he so popular and how can you probably be like him.

Crack GRE – The Smart Way

Preparing for GRE was never an easy task but who said it can’t be fun.Today we will tell you about, an interactive method to learn for international tests like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, LSAT and many more like them. The concept involves creating notes(or flashcards as they call it), learning them by reading and listening and then testing in a real simple and organized manner. There are millions of existing flashcards(thanks to the users who discovered the website before us :P) ready for learning.

Learn Strategy with Strat.In

As they say,Strat.In stands for Strategy Invented, Strategy Indianized, Strategizing!. I recently came across this site and was amazed by how they carry the things. They put in a lot of effort to discuss the management and the strategy involved by companies in Indian market. So for those who are aspiring for MBA, this would be an icing on the cake. They make the things so simple and put forward in such a way that one can’t resist himself from finishing the article that one has started.