Create Your Resume Online for Free with ResumeBaking

ResumeBaking_LogoMaking a Resume can be hell of a job. There are hundreds of templates available online but choosing the right one for you is a very difficult job. Here’s a solution, ResumeBaking, an online service that lets you create your Resume Online for free and that too in minutes.


The website offers most of its features in the free mode while you may have to pay a little for some professional templates and few other features. In addition to the free templates, the website offers many fields of information that you might skip while making a resume the traditional way. From objectives to qualifications all fields are covered and all are customizable. The service also offers you to upload documents in reference to your Resume. After creating or rather baking your Resume you can either keep it private or publish it on a public URL, You can even share the same with your friends on various social networks or you can download it on your local machine as a PDF file.


Resume viewing and downloading stats are also shown to you. Jobs notifications are emailed to you for your benefit.

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