The Future of Web Design in 2014

The past one year or so has seen a lot of changes in the web designs, social media and mobile apps. While Social Media and Mobile apps comparatively younger than the web designs, they are the drivers of the change. In this article, we will explore some of the design changes that we will shape 2014.

  • Mobile Centric Approach

With the Gartner’s prediction that more than 1.9 billion Mobile Devices will be shipped in 2014, the mobile optimized websites are the only way forward. In countries like India where number of Mobile Facebook users have surpassed the web users, Mobile Centric Approach can’t be ignored. The websites need to be responsive, light and optimized for mobile devices. A large number of websites have already done that like Youtube.

  • Flat Designs

With Apple leading from the front by extinguishing  the skeuomorphism in iOS7, every major internet company, including the Google and the Microsoft followed. 2013 saw the end of skeuomorphism and the rise of flat designs. Designers from all over the world removed the shadows and the 3D effect from their designs.  There was a time in 2013 when every update of the mobile application included just one update – the flat design . 


  • Parallax Scrolling

It’s very comfortable to scroll down when browsing from a mobile. However, the hierarchy is an important aspect which can’t be ignored and the most important content is always put on top.

Health Service Payouts and We are Unfold are one of the best websites based on Parallax Scrolling.

  • Single Page  and Responsive Websites

Another major change will be the development of single page and responsive websites, that is, where the complete website loads at a go and the design is so responsive that it automatically adjusts itself irrespective of the size of the browser window. My Website is one such example.

  • Clutter free and Simple Content

Gone are the days when there were too much of the details on the website. Simple, clutter free and clean design is on the rise and the focus is on to provide a to the point information . iOS7 launch page is an excellent example of this.

  • End of Flash

With HTML5 ruling the web, the Flash content will soon become obsolete. While Flash is still a big NO for Apple Devices, many legacy applications are still using it and it will take some more time to complete wipeout.

  • End of “m.” websites

2014 will see an end to the websites starting with “m.” . While responsive and appified websites on the rise, the “m.” websites will eventually fade out.