We are now on hugo

We are now on hugo

As we all know that it has been years since new posts has been added to this blog. It is running only because it is now a legacy of our work which we used to do when we are having enough time.

Now, priorities have changed and we blame availability of time for writing on this blog. Since, to keep running this blog money is required to host wordpress installation on server. It was becoming costly affair.

Now, to reduce the overall cost we had two alternatives:

  1. Going back from where we came (Blogger).
  2. Use a JAMstack based modren static site generator.

At ChillGeeks, we are eager to try out new solutions and tech platforms available. So, obviously we choose Static Site Generator. Top static site generators included

  1. Jekyll
  2. Hugo
  3. Gatsby.

Hugo Logo

Among these, I choose Hugo simply for its fastest build time and non-confusing syntax. Gatsby involved some fiddling with JSX/React. Jeykell had longer built time for the no. of posts/articles we had on our blog. So, finally we moved to hugo after running this site on wordpress for 9 years.

I was so impressed by hugo that I did one small tweet and it is now my most popular tweet ever!