Build Loyal Visitors and Increase Traffic To Your Blog/Website With Punchtab

Getting more people to visit your blog is quite attainable but making them a regular visitor of your platter might not seem that easy. For that you need to play the trick, you need to lure them. The underlying idea is simple you reward your visitor with something when he comes, and if the reward seems to be interesting enough he’s bound to bounce back for more. Now it comes to the rewards and I am pretty sure there are hundreds of options, including party casino and other goodies.

Create a ScreenCast in One Click with ScreenCastle

ScreenCastle is a simple and beautiful web site that lets you record your computer screen right from your web browser without using any external software. The interface is simple, all you need to do is click on the big orange power button on the page, authorize a few settings and tada!, you are now ready to record your screen. After clicking the orange, you might have to allow Java to run on your machine.

Make Your Web Experience Easy With Google Related

Google has introduced an awesome new extension for the Chrome Web browser, that will take your internet experience way ahead. Going with its name, the extension extracts all major stuff from the webpage and quickly runs a search query. All the related content is displayed below on a thin bar. As you might probably get from the image above, when you surf with Google related enabled, a thin bar appears at the bottom of your screen.

TunnelBear : Free VPN to Get All Those Blocked Websites and Content on Your PC

<g:plusone size="medium"></g:plusone> “Sorry the content is not available in your region”, If you have felt like scratching off your screen after seeing this message on much awaited content website, then read on, we have a beautiful solution for you. TunnelBear, a small and simple app that lets you browse all geo based content without any hassles. Just download the software, install and sign up for a free account. The beautiful software is flawless and worked with every website i tested it with.

Download Chrome Plugins

Well we all know simple and efficient Chrome browser is and that’s how in a short span of time, it has come at par with Mozilla Firefox. But that’s not all that makes this browser the best among all but it’s the extensions, add-ons, themes and much more that makes the Google Chrome browser more individual and efficient. In this post, we will describe about a website that provides honest, concise and free reviews of plug-ins.

Shareaholic – Sharing Integrated With Browsing

Recently we discussed about Rockmelt, a web browser that integrates with your facebook and twitter accounts and makes sharing easy, but for those of you who are in pure love with their cute browsers and those who would like to adopt RockMelt only after there are no more bugs left, we have just found something great and interesting. <span class="fullpost"></p> Shareholic, the simplest way to share something online, might it be an article, or an image or the webpage you are working on with friends on digg, del.

RockMelt – Share Your World Around

Its not just another web-browser that claims to be faster and safer, its build for sharing, based on Chromium (the open source project used in Google Chrome). The catch, it integrates your regular cyberspace and social media interactions. RockMelt makes sharing and chatting easier with an optional facebook sidebar on the left hand side of the browser. It integrates with twitter as well. The latest youtube app makes it possible to watch YouTube videos right there.

Epic Browser-India’s Own Browser

With the launch of Epic Browser, India has got its own browser. Although powered by Mozilla, this has fulfilled the need of Indians. A design that perfectly matches Indian culture, the browser has very well come at par with the expectations. The themes, wallpapers, and everything else is dedicated to Indian Culture. People are also welcoming the launch and just 2 days after the release, it has 1500 fans on facebook.

Best Firefox Add-On

Firefox is undoubtedly the best browser and to make it more user friendly, developers all around the world continue to add value to Firefox. Just a couple of days back I came across two add-ons that I would like to share with you all. Here they are: Text to Speech This is a very great tool to convert text to speech. The best thing about this is it is too simple to use.

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon is yet another browser which is basically aimed at developers of the Web 2.0 using windows hosting and other similar services. . Although it might not look very attractive at first look, yet it can perform a number of geek tasks that a web guru requires. Maxthon Browser is a powerful tabbed browser built for all users. Besides basic browsing functionality, Maxthon Browser provides a rich set of features to improve your surfing experience.