Best Mobile Phones of Indian Market

Here’s a mobile phone guide that will help you choose the best of mobile phones available in the market as of today. Be your primary aim be social networking, chatting or business. We bring reviews for phones that suit you the best. Nokia C3  This QWERTY phone from Nokia is well designed for SMS and IM users. The keys are slightly raised in bumps that makes it easier to type and navigate between the selection key.

NetQin – Mobile Guard

Another impressive mobile application that lets you manage your Smartphone like you do your PC. This application will surely bring your Smartphone on it’s knees. With a single place to watch, install/uninstall, configure, optimize and review you device, this is surely gonna win the hearts. The interface is clean and simple with features including: Task monitoring, reviews the active applications. Network Monitoring, displays the data usage by different sources.

Free GPS Navigation – Waze

Do you always curse yourself for choosing the wrong route and repent not choosing the one towards the left, now here’s something that can change your life for ever, Waze.   Waze is a real time, social Smartphone GPS application that connects you with other users of the app. The application collects information from your device’s GPS and uses it to draw maps. The best part, its a social app in which alerts you of the incoming traffic jams and cautions recorded by fellow Wazers.

Capture Your World in 3D: Microsoft Photosynth

Available for iPhone, Microsoft’s Photosynth is powerful application that uses your phone camera and a bit of processing to generate 3D panorama of the view that you are experiencing. The application interface is simple, it requires you to click a number of photographs in well guided manner with different zoom levels thought the process. Photosynths give an exact idea of the scene in full 360° view without you being actually there.

WhatsApp – Yet Another Instant Messaging App

WhatsApp Messenger is an internet based mobile device application that allows you to exchange messages among other WhatsApp users. WhatsApp mobile messenger currently works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia s60 devices. Since the reception is based on your existing data plan that you use for browsing the web, exchanging short messages is virtually free. If the chatting feature doesn’t impress you, don’t worry iPhone, Android and BlackBerry WhatsApp Messenger users can exchange unlimited images, video and audio media files amongst each other, now thats cool.

Track Your Mobile Visitors Through Percent Mobile

Last month I launched a new site, loaded with few cool mobile products and other stuffs. . I have linked it to Google Analytics to have a summary of visitors viewing my site. But I wasn’t satisfied much with it as it doesn’t provide Information about the traffic coming from Mobile Users . Lately I came across a super Cool website which offers Mobile Analytics in detail . It was Stan Wiechers who launched a super cool new service that provides Free Mobile Analytics – PercentMobile – A New York based Company.

Send SMS using Nokia Ovi Suite

For last few days , I was wondering a way to send SMS by my laptop using a Bluetooth connection to my phone, and finally I got the answer for my problem. You can also send SMS using Nokia Ovi Suite, follow these steps: Download and Install the latest version of Nokia Ovi Suite from here. Connect your phone via Bluetooth or cable from Tools => Add New Device Open Messaging window inside the Ovi Suite Click on “Create message…” Type the phone number or name of contact(if you have synchronized your contacts earlier) Type the message and click send.

GPRS settings for Nokia 3110c – Tata Docomo

I am a user of Tata Docomo with Nokia 3110c, I was unable to have its GPRS settings to browse internet. I’ve also contacted customer support at Tata Docomo, but there was no positive response. So, I gave it a try myself, and it worked! and  now I want to share with you. You need to create custom access point to access internet in Nokia 3110c. Steps involved are:

Free Missed Call Alerts in BSNL

I am a BSNL prepaid connection user, so I use to post updates about latest news regarding BSNL’s new plans. I’ve previously mentioned about some of the BSNL Offers. This time, I came across a service offered by BSNL, free of cost, for which other mobile operators charges about Rs.30 per month, the service is “Missed Call Alerts”. By activating Missed call alerts, you can get notifications, about the calls you might have missed when your mobile was switched off or out of reach.

Create Mobile Version of your Blog

Now you can easily create free mobile version of your website or blog using a service known as MoFuse. This service easily converts your blogger blog or wordpress blog to their mobile version, along with many other features too. I’ve also created my blog’s mobile version using this service only. You can checkout the mobile version of Chill Geeks at or at       To create a mobile version of your blog, you need to have feeds enabled.