Can You Really Get Work in the Film Industry?

Can You Really Get Work in the Film Industry?

How many of us have watched a film and dreamed of playing a part in the film industry? If this applies to you, this article may be of use. Let’s explore how you can find a way into this industry if you are serious about doing so. Some careers are undoubtedly harder to break into than others. One of the toughest must surely be the film industry. It seems as if everyone wants to play their part, whether it is in front of the camera or behind it.

How to Protect Your Property from Burglars

There are lots of smart techniques you can use to keep your home or business as safe as it can possibly be. This article looks at some of these methods so you can ensure you deter any would-be burglars who might be thinking about breaking in. No one likes to think they might be at risk of being burgled. However some people fall victim to this very crime each day. What would you do if you were one of them?

Why your online reputation is so important

With the ever increasing range of the internet and insatiable urge of sharing the stuff from personal life, today the internet is full of database. One can easily search about the education, past companies, location and other stuff from the internet. The most remarkable feature of this is, people don’t know what kind of image this online database has built for them. Michael Fertik, in his article on Bloomberg, talks about maintaining the privacy of the online content.

CrushAider: Find If Your Crush Feels The Same About You

This might seem funny and vague, but i came across by while surfing and thought of sharing with you guys, a break from work might be.This is very similar to Crushbits, where you can play pranks with your friends. However, this simple little service claims to verify if your crush likes you or not without tampering your privacy. Lets take a look how it works. It might feel awkward and embarrassing to express your feelings with the opposite sex, especially hen you are not sure of the reply that you will face.

Easily Recognize Fonts On The Web With Fount

You might have experienced the difficulty that arises when you need to search for a particular font you just saw on a webpage. It might be an article or a visually attractive line font, there are times when you wish to use that particular font. Here we are with a simple and free web service that will help you solve this problem, Fount. Found is a really simple and easy to use service which can be used across different web browsers and on different types of websites.

Best Sites to Buy Tees In India

This article will provide you the list of some of the best sites to buy Tees in India. First question that arise in your mind is why buy online when you can actually go and buy from an outlet ? But the thing is that the variety that you get online and on the sites that I am describing below is hard to get on outlet. Moreover the prices on the sites below are moderate.

Chill Geeks Is Now 1 Year Old !!

We are extremely happy to announce that your own ChillGeeks.com is now 1 year old. We have renew the domain and to celebrate the first birthday, we have some good plans for you. We are planning to start Guest Blogging for ChillGeeks. Although we had this plan quite a time before, we were waiting for some occasion. Being a Guest Blogger not only helps us, but it also helps you.

Uncyclopedia- Parodies Wikipedia

Yup, you read it right. Now a site that parodies the renowned Wiki. Uncyclopedia parodies everything let it be a country, a celebrity or any current event. Originally an English-language wiki, the project currently spans over 50 languages. The English version has over 24,000 pages of content.Various different styles of humor are used as a vehicle for parody, from sophisticated satire to the apparently random. Like Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia has guidelines regarding what is and is not acceptable content and these guidelines have become progressively more strict as the site expands over time.

Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms

Now whenever you search for Katrina or Shahid Kapoor, just beware as you might be inviting some of the blacklisted anti-viruses to your computer. According to a search conducted by Mc Afee , these two keywords are the very harmful in India. McAfee searched for more than 2,600 popular keywords. For each keyword, they examined the first five pages of results across each of five major search engines. On average, each keyword generated a little more than 250 results.

Ankit Fadia on MTV

That’s true !! The renowned Indian Hacker is soon going to be on small screen and that too on MTV where the youngsters spend the most of the time. As per the news by The Indian Express, Fadia is launching a new programme on MTV named JUST HACK. Fadia was in Ambala for a conference and there he unleashed his idea. He believes that JUST HACK will help youngsters in positive way and would help them in creating more job opportunities for them .