Elements of a Great Website

If you own your own business, then you probably have your own website, too. You’ve no doubt spent countless hours surfing around the Internet, looking at all of these fantastically designed websites, trying to find out what your site needs to increase traffic and produce more business. After all, anyone can build a website, but what does it take to have a successful site? There are a lot of different elements that go into creating a website that is both professional and functional.

Build Loyal Visitors and Increase Traffic To Your Blog/Website With Punchtab

Getting more people to visit your blog is quite attainable but making them a regular visitor of your platter might not seem that easy. For that you need to play the trick, you need to lure them. The underlying idea is simple you reward your visitor with something when he comes, and if the reward seems to be interesting enough he’s bound to bounce back for more. Now it comes to the rewards and I am pretty sure there are hundreds of options, including party casino and other goodies.

Free website maker – Ucoz

An Online Identity is something everyone, every organization and every company want to have today. “There must be something, when they Google us.” The first question that comes in mind is how to create a website, how to build everything. What if we teach you how to create a website for free, create and design your own website and that too without paying a penny. Yes you can do that with a free website maker uCoz

Test your Website on Various Screen Sizes With Screenfly

When your are a web designer and are working on some project that demands multiple platforms, the you need to check it for all possible screen sizes, resolutions, different web browsers and speeds. Screenfly is a web app that will help you with by doing the entire work for you. All you need to do is enter a website and then select the device you want it load in from the bottom menu.

Create Beautiful Webpages with Ease : Smore

If you wish to create sleek and beautiful webpages and you are in a hurry, then Smore is a solution for you. Whether it is a blog post or a website, you an do it all with Smore. All it asks is for your facebook authorization and you can start at the instant. However, the service is currently in a private beta phase, you can request your account and can even get one easily.

Chill Geeks Is Now 1 Year Old !!

We are extremely happy to announce that your own is now 1 year old. We have renew the domain and to celebrate the first birthday, we have some good plans for you. We are planning to start Guest Blogging for ChillGeeks. Although we had this plan quite a time before, we were waiting for some occasion. Being a Guest Blogger not only helps us, but it also helps you.

Free Flash WebSite Design

Building a flash site is not an easy task and the things become more complicated when you don’t know anything about flash. But the things become easier with Wix , which enable you to make any kind of flash based site. Wix is the simpler, faster, better way to create stunning Flash web content.Wix offers you a simple powerful online platform to make flash websites, MySpace layouts and more. No downloads or programming needed.