Windows XP

Make Windows Translucent

You can make your program windows transparent in Windows 2000 or late versions, using a very lite freeware known as Glass2k**.** Transparent windows are helpful to me and gives a good geeky appearance to Windows Desktop. You can download glass2k from here, it does not need to be installed, you can simply double click to start it, whenever you’ll right click on any window, it will ask you to set its transparency.

Organize your Desktop in 2 Minutes

I have not re-formatted my PC since last month and it is becoming amazingly messed by large amount of desktop. Some of you might have same problem, like me…. But today I’ve got the time to Organize all that Desktop mess, and I found it very easy to implement. It took just 2 minutes to Organize my desktop in much better way. Let me guide you through the process of organizing your Windows Desktop.

Delete Recycle Bin from Windows Desktop

I do not use Recycle Bin at all, I use to delete files permanently by using shortcut _Shift + Delete. _So, Recycle Bin is just a kind of Desktop mess to me… If you are also the one who do not use Recycle bin and want to clear it out, the just follow the following steps to remove Recycle bin. Press Windows Key + R.  This will open Windows Run Dialog box.

Disable Annoying Windows Error Reporting

Windows error reporting is made to support Microsoft to improve the bugs found in OS, but sometimes this error reporting causes annoyance. This problem I was facing for last so many days…, getting error report message whenever I exit from my favorite DOS based game Dave. It also happens with some soft wares too…. So, I got to remove this and used my ultimate tool “Google Search”I found that there are two methods of removing the Annoyance caused by error reporting, the one is Registry Editing Based (Advanced Method), and other is Non Registry based (Easy Method).

Create Dummy Folder and Protect Pen Drive from Viruses

The protection of pen drive from viruses,trojans etc. is a matter of utmost importance as they carry a lot of useful stuff in a small space. But if you are using your pen drive on public computers there are high chances that you can caught by viruses. So what will you do? Read this post for the best possible solution that I found while surfing on net.Well the basic concept that why virus attack the pen drives is that they contain some amount of free space which makes the virus to attck and copy itself in the drive and harm the executable files.

Reduce your Typing Effort by Using Texter

Texter is an AutoHot key script made by It is a very great tool for all bloggers and also good to try out for some of the people, who feels lazy about typing. You can get the download link and more details about how to use this software at LifeHacker website.From here you can get its source code as well as an installation package. I’ve made a short video on how to add a string to Texter, you can see that here.

Convert an Ebook to Audio Book

Now in this Electronic going world, people are shifting towards E-books and Audio books, as they are portable and available Free on site such as Project Gutenberg. Recently , I was reading some E-book and found that it will effect my I eyes, as I was watching it on my PC. So, I thought of a way to convert an E-book to Audio book and Googled it out.

Change folder’s Background in Windows XP

I am going to post a trick, which many of you may be interested to know that how to change background of a Folder in Windows XP. After much Googling on this topic I’ve found two ways one is related to coding, so it is recommended to advanced users and the other way is by using a simple software which anyone can easily use.<img alt=”” class="alignnone” height="15” mce_src="” src="” width="15” />

Now Video Chat through GMail

Google has recently introduced a new Video Chat service in GMail, using this service now users can nt only do voice chat but can also do video chat in GMail itself. For now this service is only released for Windows Platform. This is a free Web-based service. A webcam and small web browser plug-in are required to use the video chat. Users who do not have a webcam will still be able to chat with friends by voice.