Create Free Posters Online with Posterini

Posters are a beautiful way to express anything everything that text and images alone can’t do. They combine text and images to effectively say your voice and designing an attractive poster can be a tedious task, but thanks to Posterini you task is highly simplified.         Just start working by uploading a background picture for your poster and choose other options as you go further.

Keep Those Precious Moments Forever, Record Your Baby’s “Firsts”

Clearly, this post here is for the grown ups, those proud moms and dads out there. Your “Baby’s First” is something you want to cherish forever, like his/her first word, the first walk, all those little stories that you want to keep with you and share with the world. Here we are, with a wonderful web service that lets you do the same in a beautiful and graceful way.

Create a Image from Text with BlackText

There are numerous image manipulators an editors available on the internet and one of them is Black Text. This free to use web app enables you to create images using your desired text in seconds. All you need to do is upload an image and enter the text. The app is very simple to use and fairly accurate. All you need to do is upload your desired image and enter the text you wish to use in your image.

Kuvva–Change Desktop And Twitter Backgrounds Periodically

It is certainly refreshing to see your desktop background every time you look at it, so wouldn’t it be amazing to see the same happen with your twitter profile where people get to have a insight of your personality with the image behind your profile. Here is a free web service that lets you accomplish the same, Kuvva is a free to use application that automatically sets up a visually appealing background image for your Twitter account.

Capture Your World in 3D: Microsoft Photosynth

Available for iPhone, Microsoft’s Photosynth is powerful application that uses your phone camera and a bit of processing to generate 3D panorama of the view that you are experiencing. The application interface is simple, it requires you to click a number of photographs in well guided manner with different zoom levels thought the process. Photosynths give an exact idea of the scene in full 360° view without you being actually there.

Free Photo Editing

When you a see a howling photo in front of you, you immediately think of some software from which it could be made. Adobe, Irfanview are the names of the some of the softwares that might strike your mind but there are tremendous softwares that are available free of cost and apart from softwares, there are a more than a dozen of sites that do the photo-editing service absolutely free. So this post is basically aimed at making you aware about the various kinds of sources that are available for photo-editing.

Keep a watch on your Image

Now, you can keep a strict watch, where your Image is being used in Web World. Idee Inc. created world’s first reverse image search engine to get your image identified. It can also identify your Image even if there are slight modifications from original image. Idd Inc. created TinEye, which provides this Image search for free. You can upload an Image to start your search or you can also specify URL of that image.

Google Labs Adds Similar Image Search

With the recent feature of Similar Image Search by google labs, the image search has become more stronger. Now you can easily find the related images with this recent feature and that too very easily. This was a much awaited need that is now fulfilled by Google. Image Search is a tool you can use to find just about any kind of image, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the right image if you can’t describe it in words.

Add Images inline in Gmail

Using GMail Labs amazing features, now you can add the long waited feature of Gmail adding images in text but not as attachment. This feature could also be used previously but by use of copy and pasting, butt now GMail Labs is offering this feature directly. Moreover, I’ve also experimented adding some animated Images in text to an E-mail, and it worked. To Enable In line Images in Gmail go to Labs Setting page after signing into your GMail Account.

Save Images from a webpage

If you are a frequent user of Firefox web browser, then and need to save Images of a webpage very frequently then, Save Images addon will help you doing this.For this, just click this link to download “Save Images” add-on for your Firefox Web Browser, and follow the following steps to Save Images. Step 1 Right Click on Webpage, go to Save Images, and click “save images from current tab”, to save images from current tab.